Rousseau Farming Company®


These are the fruit and vegetables we locally grow, just down the road from your grocery store.

They come from places you know; along the 101 freeway in the East valley, and the 303 on the West valley.

Select an image to learn more about each produce.


Anise Gold Beets, coming soon
Red Beets Bok Choy
red beets bok choy
Broccoli Green Cabbage
broccoli green cabbage
Red Cabbage Carrots
red cabbage carrots
Celery Green Chard
celery geen chard
Cilantro Chilies
cilantro chilies
Sweet Corn Cauliflower
sweet corn cauliflower
Black kale Green kale
black kale green kale
Red kale Watermelon
red kale watermelon